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Elliptical bikes are unique cross-trainers offering the low impact and muscle toning features of an elliptical trainer, together with the cardiovascular benefits of both running and cycling.  So you get a great overall body workout!  Plus it burns 33% more calories than a normal bike so giving a better workout in less time.  Why not take your fitness and fun outdoors?!

ElliptiGO offer the world's first outdoor elliptical bike providing a low impact outdoor exercised experience that feels like you are both cycling and running.  Hence it is used by many former and injured runners as they get the psychological and physical benefits of running outside even if they can't actually run! It's also perfect for healthy runners to increase mileage by cross-training and of course for the public in general looking to improve fitness and get out and about away from the gym.

Watch this video which is an introduction to the ElliptiGO outdoor Elliptical Bike and find out which elite athletes are using it.

benefits of elliptical bikes

  • Low impact
  • Fun to ride
  • Exercise outdoors in the fresh air
  • Great full body workout
  • Comfortable to use 
  • One size fits all

ElliptiGO Arc - newest Model in the elliptiGO range

The ElliptiGO Arc is the newest and most affordable elliptical bike in the ElliptiGO range.  With a sleek frame and compact elliptical stride, it has 8 gears so enables you to cruise along comfortably but also ride up those steep hills!  Remember the more gears your bike has, the easier it is to conquer those hills.

Read on to find out why this elliptical bike gives you an excellent full body workout in the fresh outdoors.....

Key Features

  • Comfort - natural 'stand up' position reduces stress on back and neck
  • Fun to ride - feels like running on air!
  • Smooth elliptical stride
  • Great total body workout
  • Used by recreational riders and Olympic athletes and top endurance runners
  • Lightest and most affordable elliptical bike on the market with a sleek aluminium frame
  • Easy to transport with a removable steering column
  • 2 colours - comes in black or green (if you want to be seen!)

comfort features

Whilst riding your outdoor elliptical you are in a very natural 'stand up' position.  This reduces stress on your neck and back and of course eliminates all seat pain completely.

Ergonomic hand grips provide extra comfort and support for your hands and upper body when steering.

Each foot platform pivots independently with the angle of your foot to provide comfort and versatility for different riding styles.

Your feet are comfortable without being locked in.

other features


The smooth-shifting cog and chainring give a large range of gears, letting you climb steep hills up to 20-30% grade and sprint at speeds of 25mph+.


The ElliptiGO Arc has a stride motion of nearly 14" long and adjustable up to 12" in height.  This gives a fast, effective leg workout familiar with cycling.  The foot platform can slide forward or back to fine tune your pedaling stride height to best suit you.

As both the steering height and pedaling motion are adjustable riders from 4'10" to 6'10" can find their best fit.

It should be noted that the maximum rider weight capacity is 250lbs.


The steering column has a simple quick release lever so it's quick and easy to adjust the height for any user.  This column can be removed so also makes it easy to transport in a vehicle


As you are in a higher riding position than on a normal bike, you have increased visibility when on your elliptical bike.  It's also easy for other road, path users to see you!

weight and dimensions

  • Total length:  72" (183 cm)
  • Wheelbase:  52.6" (134 cm)
  • Weight:  37 lbs (16.8 kg)

Review from a gB athlete - Jackie Newton

Jackie Newton is a 2:47 marathon runner, who won the Edinburgh Marathon and has also represented Great Britain - I used to work with her when I worked in coach education for England Athletics.  She is a great fan of the ElliptiGO, although a t first she thought it looked a bit odd, she is now totally won over with this exercise machine and uses it for her cross training.

She says "When I first saw it, I was cynical but I was at a stage where I wasn't able to run the miles I wanted to.  It was the motion that sold me, because it is a running action.  I still run, but when I have a niggle, using the ElliptiGO trainer means I can still train and push myself. If you pick up the pace or hit the hills you can really work hard. I'm addicted; I don't think I could go back to just running."

If top athletes are thinking this, why not try this cross trainer too?!

customer reviews

"I seriously believe that it is revolutionary in the fitness products category... I can climb any hill on the Elliptigo that I can climb on a bike...I can easily keep up with other cyclists and even surpass them if I want to. 27mph on the flats is my best so far." (Read more customer reviews....)

"I love the new ARC because it targets muscles and movements that the original bike doesn't, as much. I also love it because it feels more like running and that feels natural."(Read more customer reviews...)

"I just purchased the Arc and absolutely love it. The height adjustment on the handle bars is also a big plus. Shifting and braking are exactly like any other bike, but the stand up riding position without the saddle sores make it a great cross trainer for runners and a great rehab alternative for any injured athlete." (Read more customer reviews....)

pros and cons


  • Good affordable price
  • Total body low impact workout
  • Compact adjustable stride
  • Fun to use outdoors
  • 8 gears to help up the hills!


  • If you're over 250lbs and trying to lose weight you wouldn't be able to use this machine
  • As it is an outdoor bike there is no console to monitor workouts - you could use a GPS watch such as the Garmin 910XT that is suitable for both cycling, running and also swimming - an excellent choice too for a triathlete!  More info on this watch can be found here.  There are of course many multi-sport GPS watches on the market - Garmin is my favorite make but click here to find out about some of the popular and best selling watches around.

Another option to track your workouts is to add a bike computer to your ElliptiGO trainer - there are many on the market - click here to find the Best Sellers on Amazon!

So there you have it!  Why not take your fitness and fun outdoors with the ElliptiGO Arc elliptical bike?!  I'm certainly considering purchasing one myself!

Contact me if you own one yourself and tell me how you're getting on with it....

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