Amazing Elliptical Machine Workouts

Find the some of the best elliptical machine workouts on your elliptical trainer on this post!  Beginner workout, booty workout, core workout, workout DVDs, and more…

The primary goal of every exerciser is to achieve a maximum workout with an exercise or fitness machine. The workout you achieve depends on the machine you use as well as the strategy you employ in using the machine. As I have mentioned in my past posts, a Treadmill is a wonderful machine for workouts, however, elliptical machine workouts are considered more excellent because of the top features of the machine.

When using an elliptical machine, you stand to gain a lot of things and whether you are a beginner or an expert in using fitness equipment, you can enjoy a great workout experience.

If you are wondering which of the Elliptical Machine Workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home is the best, then read on….

Elliptical Machine Workouts

Depending on where you are with elliptical training, you could look at the following workouts.

Beginner Workout

This workout method is best for beginners which include people who are new to the elliptical machine or workouts in general. The elliptical workout for beginners employs virtually all the features of the machine and hence gives you an idea of what it can do. This includes working your quads, the booty, hamstrings, chest, upper back and so forth.  Stack the moves – not one body part at a time!!

It is always good practice when starting out with ellipticals to have an elliptical workout schedule. You can find an elliptical workout here which is ideal for beginners.

Booty Workout

This elliptical machine workout is designed to work out your booty. This workout will go a long way to assist you in toning your backside and also ensuring cardiovascular workout. To get the maximum workout for  glutes and hamstring, adjust the with the incline on the machine making sure you keep your heels down when working. This is a personal favorite of mine and can be found hereFeel your booty burn!!!

Core/Flat Belly Workout

This workout simply involves working your core on the elliptical machine. To work out your core on this machine is very simple, you simply have to let go. This means that you should let go of the handles and try to stay balanced on the machine.

More so, you should try to let go as long as possible and only hold on to the machine when need calls for it. This kind of workout would engage all your muscles and it is also important to note that the faster you go on the machine, the more workouts you will do on your core.

Other Kinds of Workouts

Workout machines offer you different kinds of workout and by employing varieties of strategies while on the machine, you can benefit greatly and enjoy all the workouts. The elliptical machine is a good kind of machine to use for working out and also enjoy the benefits of workout. Other workouts offered by this machine include total body workout, interval workout, working out just like a treadmill and so forth. 8 elliptical machine workouts from total body to high intensity can be found on this website.

Elliptical Workout Videos & DVDs

A great place to find free elliptical machine workouts is on youtube. Click here to see some of the elliptical workout videos that will get you sweating and burning fat each time you step onto your trainer. If you want to calculate the calories burned in elliptical exercise try this website.

You can also purchase your own DVDs to use in the comfort of your own home. Amazon have some great offers! Below are 2 of my favorites – just click on the image for more information.

You can also use MP3 downloads or CDs that can be played or downloaded to your MP3/Ipod – these have beats per minute/Tempo designed for elliptical machine workouts – again just click on the image to find out more – music to various ´beats´can really enhance your workout!  Check these out!

Last Word

Both the elliptical machine and treadmill offer unique features but many fitness trainers prefer elliptical machines over the treadmill because of its unique features. The proliferation of compact trainers for home use means you can train in the comfort of your own home at set times that suit you, unlike going to the gym.

So NO EXCUSES!  Get your space saving elliptical trainer today and try out any of these elliptical machine workouts – come back here to let me know how you’ve got on! If you are unsure which trainer to buy check out my popular page on the 3 best space saving ellipticals by clicking here.

Or contact me with any workouts you´ve found and enjoyed that I can add to the site!

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