Elliptical Tips

When you have an elliptical training machine, getting some elliptical tips to help you out can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in how much enjoyment and how much benefit you get out of your investment! My elliptical tips points you to NINE other pages, each chock-full of information and tricks to maximize your elliptical experience!

Why would you need extra elliptical tips when you're thinking about getting and elliptical trainer, OR you already have one? You want to make sure that you make the RIGHT CHOICE for YOU, and that you get the BEST out of your choice afterwards! After inflicting some damage on your wallet or credit card, you have to be sure you get the health and fitness benefits to match.

Elliptical Tips for BEFORE You Buy A Machine

BUT first you have to pick the elliptical trainer that best meets your needs and your budget. If you are still researching which trainer to get, and you are looking for a fully-featured machine, then "Top Elliptical Brands" is my guide to 4 of the best! 

AND when you're still in research mode, BUT you're a bit unsure of what it is you need in an elliptical trainer, go to my "Buying Your Elliptical Trainer" page to find out what you should be looking for. What things are important, and what things are NOT so important. When you're thinking about making an investment in your health and fitness, you want to be sure that your money is going to be well spent.

You may be wondering about the benefits of an elliptical vs a treadmill - this is a hot debate, and each machine has its supporters. For a full analysis of the differences between the two, go to my page "Elliptical v Treadmill". You will find a thorough breakdown of the issues, and hopefully this will help you to make the correct choice FOR YOU when making such a substantial investment.

Elliptical Tips for AFTER You Buy A Machine

Once you have made your decision, and you have your new elliptical machine set up and ready for action, the first thing you need is a really good plan or training schedule to optimize your benefits! I recommend that you take a look at my page "Elliptical Workout"  for an introduction to some good training plans.

BUT what if you have a bit of an injury? Maybe you're a runner, but your normal running training is being hampered by some sort of injury? Or you''re a road cyclist or maybe a triathlete? One of the great things about elliptical trainer machines is that they are low-impact and offer a BIG range of movements and workout intensities. Find out more by going to "Training with Injuries". This is a really important benefit of all ellipticals!

If you have bought your elliptical with the intention of getting into shape and losing weight, you're on the right track! But you might need some of the extra elliptical tips on my page "Lose Weight". AND with Christmas approaching and a New Year just around the corner, you can also take advantage of the advice in my page "New Year New You!"

Feeling a bit jaded? Are you finding it hard to persuade yourself to get on that elliptical machine? Need some motivation? Just head over to my page on "Training Day Quotes"! You'll find a bunch of inspirational quotes to get you fired up and back on track! My favourite quote? "You won't get the butt you want by sitting on the one you've got!"

And finally, after spending all that money on your elliptical trainer, you certainly want to make sure you get the most out of it AND that it works properly and has a LONG working lifetime. Check out what you should be doing to look after your machine at "Care For Your Machine"!

I hope my elliptical tips are useful - there's a BUNCH of information in those pages, so check them all out!

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