Fitness Equipment Warranty! Essential for your new elliptical trainer!

Fitness Equipment Warranty....let's face it - some warranties have somehow gotten a bad name!  However, I've been busy researching the best out there and have come up with the following Protection Plans for your shiny new elliptical machine - why spend all that money and not protect your purchase?!! 

SquareTrade 3-Year Fitness Equipment Warranty ($1000-1500 Items)

SquareTrade offer Protection Plans for your fitness equipment and cover various price ranges.  Costs are low and they have award-winning customer service and hey! They have over 43,000 reviews on Amazon!!  And an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 so good reviews all round.

Key Points

  • Cover for product breakdowns and malfunctions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free shipping on all repairs - no hidden fees or deductibles - you're given a prepaid shipping label and your fixed machine is sent back FREE OF CHARGE
  • Cancel anytime with full refund in the first 30 days
  • Fully transferable if you give your fitness equipment as a gift
  • Protection Plan is emailed within 2 hours of purchase

How does it work?

1.  Simply file your claim online 24/7 at

2.  Shipping is covered to the repair center

3.  If they can't repair your item, you're given a replacement with the same or better features!

Points to Note

A SmartTrade Protection Plan is only valid with purchases made from Amazon within the last 30 days.  To help make your Amazon purchase have a look at my elliptical trainer reviews page with links to my indepth reviews of the most popular elliptical machines!  If you have limited space my best space saving elliptical page will show you the best small footprint elliptical trainers on the market.

You receive nothing in the post - all correspondence is by email so don't forget to check out that junk mailbox if you haven't received your Plan!

Your Plan starts the date you buy your trainer and does include the manufacturer's warranty period.  So you'll be directed to the manufacturer during the time of their warranty.  The SquareTrade cover continues AFTER the manufacturer's warranty stops.

If your elliptical machine is too large to be shipped!

If your elliptical trainer is not a small machine like the Stamina InMotion Trainer, and you cannot ship it, you will need to get it repaired locally by a technician.  Then simply send the bill to SquareTrade and they will reimburse you.

customer reviews

The SquareTrade 3 year Protection Plan - read Customer Reviews here.  These are reviews for the $1000 - $1500 Plan but the company offer Plans for a variety of price ranges.

Click here to find out more and purchase your SquareTrade Fitness Equipment Warranty - if something happens to your new shiny machine you won't regret it!!

I am currently reviewing more excellent Fitness Equipment Warranty Plans for you to help protect your new elliptical trainer.  Bookmark this page and come back soon!!

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