Stepper Exercise Equipment - Introducing the NEW Vertical Spin Trainer!

Vertical Spin Trainer

This stepper exercise equipment review will show you how this brand new home workout machine can give you an awesome low impact and cardio workout.  The Vertical Spin Trainer combines a stepper and an elliptical trainer providing an ultimate workout and working a full range of muscles.

Read on to find out about the 3 degrees of activation you can use:

Level 1:  Cardio Burn,  Level 2:  Abs & Core,  Level 3: Tone Buns, Hips & Thighs

Reduce the strain on your joints and burn more calories in less time, as studies have shown biking/spinning when standing up does give you the ultimate calorie burn.  With 8 resistance levels, 24 workout settings, 3 DVD workouts included with your new trainer and a bonus smart phone holder, I decided this brand new piece of equipment was worth a closer look!

Check out this cool video I've found of this elliptical and stepper combined!

Comfort Features

Although the Vertical Spin Trainer is a bit like a spin bike, there's no uncomfortable skinny seat - no padded shorts required on this workout machine!

As you're up out the saddle, you'll be burning more calories during your workout and soon be reaching your goal of a fit and toned body.

Table of Contents 

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  1. Comfort
  2. Noise
  3. Key Features
  4. Assembly Instructions
  5. Weight & Dimensions
  6. Customer Reviews
  7. Warranty
  8. Pros & Cons

Noise Levels

You certainly won't bother anyone else in your household as it is super quiet!  Listen to your own tunes or watch your favorite TV program while working out in the comfort of your own home - you won't be distracted by noise levels from this particular elliptical machine.

There is also zero vibration adding to the comfort of your training session. As with any home exercise equipment I would recommend getting an exercise mat to protect your flooring.  Click here to see my recommended equipment mats that are very popular with my readers.

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Stepper Exercise Equipment - Key Features

  • The Vertical Spin Trainer will get you up out of the saddle, so burns more calories
  • Easy storage - folds like an upright vacuum cleaner
  • 8 levels of resistance to challenge yourself
  • 3 degrees of decline as in the picture to the right
  • 24 different workouts
  • On board computer measure heart rate, time, distance, calories
  • Very quiet flywheel
  • Free smart phone holder
  • YouTube workouts can be downloaded for free! New workouts every week

3 degrees of activation


Studies have shown that standing while cycling increases your heart rate faster, so this level will give you an overall great cardio workout.


A quick adjustment and you're working your abs and core!  You can also use this level standing up and with all levels you can pedal backwards to work different muscles.


This level concentrates on your hips, buns & thighs - get the butt you've always wanted with the Vertical Spin Trainer!

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Bonus Heart Rate Monitor

Check out your heart rate while you train with heart rate monitor built into the handlebar - get working out in that fat-burning zone!  As there are no handles like a traditional elliptical trainer, this machine is really focusing on your lower body, abs and a good cardio workout.

A friend did suggest you could do pushups on it when it is in the lower position!

Easy Storage – Folds like an upright vacuum!

When doing a stepper exercise equipment review of a machine that is to be used in your home, storage is an essential point - maybe you live in a small apartment and space saving is an important aspect to consider when buying your home exercise equipment.

The Vertical Spin Trainer will not disappoint!  It folds upright vacuum, isn't bulky or heavy and can be wheeled away and stored in your cupboard with ease.

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free bonus gifts!

Free Smart Phone Holder

The elliptical stepper comes with a free smart phone holder - plus there are workouts you can stream from YouTube 24/7 so no excuses to not get on with your training session!  New workouts are offered each week by the company producing this exercise equipment - Ab Winner, LLC.

An added bonus is that every machine comes with 3 free DVD workouts - they really are trying to get you up and going with your new fitness regime.  Maybe buying an elliptical stepper is part of your 2017 New Year Resolutions?  Have you read my latest article on how an elliptical trainer can help you reach your New Year goals and stay fit and healthy?  You can read it here.

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Assembly Instructions

Very easy and quick to assemble with all the required tools included in the box.

You do need 2 x AAA batteries for the computer attachment that comes with it.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Height of the Vertical Spin Trainer is 6'6"
  • Weight limit is 300lbs

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews were an important part of my stepper exercise equipment assessment of this NEW machine and all the Reviewers gave it 5 stars!  See below and click on the links to read more...

"My husband wanted an upright bike but I prefer an elliptical. We agreed this was a good compromise. It shipped out super fast and was simple to assemble. Right away I could feel the burn through my entire legs area just on the lowest setting. I really like it. …(read more here: Vertical Spin Trainer Stepper Exercise Equipment Review)”

The upright design gives me a much more intense workout than I was expecting. It's fun to use too- kind of like a bike and an elliptical in one- twice the workout! Love it! …(read more here: Vertical Spin Trainer Stepper Exercise Equipment Review)”

"I experienced a fast and thorough "burn" on the VST. I went from "climbing" to "road-biking" in my 10 minute workout and truly felt great cardio-aerobic results....(read more here: Vertical Spin Trainer Stepper Exercise Equipment Review)”

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The Vertical Spin Trainer comes with a one year warranty on everything.

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Pros & Cons


  • Good cardio workout
  • Different levels work different muscle areas
  • Bonus phone holder and YouTube workouts
  • Easy storage and easy to move


  • Not an upper body workout machine

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Last Word

All in all I think this is a different and fun machine!  By combining an elliptical and a stepper (and a spin bike) it gives you a great cardiovascular workout - double workout and the 3 levels mean you can work on different areas of the body. The bonus YouTube workouts and great space saving storage are features I love - I'm impressed!

I hope this stepper exercise equipment review has been helpful in making your choice for buying home exercise equipment. If space saving is an important feature for you, be sure to check out my popular page on the best 3 space-saving elliptical trainers which you can find here.

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