Find the Top Elliptical Trainer Brand

Underground research on the top elliptical trainer brand to achieve your desired need is the highway to a quality purchase for your home gym equipment. It is not right to walk into any fitness shop and buy the first fitness trainer offered to you by the seller. 

With numerous elliptical trainer brands out there, you need to make careful and conscientious research in order to choose the very best elliptical trainer brand for home gym equipment. The question is: which elliptical trainer would be the best for you?

Top Four Elliptical Trainer Brands For You

In the elliptical trainer market, there are some top names to reckon with. If you are looking for the best fitness equipment, these top brands are musts for you.

1. Best Fitness Elliptical - the Top Elliptical Trainer Brand!

Body Solid is the name behind the Best Fitness brand. One of their most popular space saving elliptical machines is the Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer. I have done an elliptical trainer review of this model which you can read here. This is a must have elliptical for any serious person.

To demonstrate the faith they have on their products, Body Solid actually give you 15 years frame as well as a ten-year motor warranty on this machine. This is one of the best warranties on an elliptical trainer let alone a “small space elliptical machine”.

2. Schwinn Elliptical

Schwinn is one of the top elliptical trainer brands you will want to reckon with and is notable in the industry. As a matter of fact, there are different makes of Schwinn elliptical but they all have the same feature of exceptional quality from the manufacturer.

Schwinn offers not only elliptical trainers but also stationary bikes and other fitness equipment. One of the major benefits of the Schwinn elliptical trainer is that they are low cost but have features found in very expensive trainers.

Some of the top notch Schwinn ellipticals include the Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine and the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine. The 430 is currently on offer on Amazon with an amazing 50% reduction as a pre Black Friday deal!!  Click on the link below to find out more about this fabulous deal.  To read more about the Schwinn 430 read my detailed report here.

3. Horizon Fitness Elliptical

Horizon is another brand of elliptical trainers that you would want to opt in for. It also features several makes of fitness equipment and makes your workout more entertaining by providing you two music speakers alongside the elliptical. However, it has a major demerit of having a fixed stride length of 20 inches. Some of the best Horizon Fitness Elliptical trainers include the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 and the Horizon Fitness EX-59-02.

Horizon Fitness also offer 2 front drive folding elliptical machines, making for extra easy storage between workouts. Find more information on these ellipticals here.

4. Proform Elliptical

Proform is an innovative brand of elliptical trainer. Proform machines feature sleek design and incorporate smart technology. You can choose from various types of Proform fitness equipment available in the market such as the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, and the ProForm Smart Strider 735 Elliptical Trainer to name but a few.  The Proform elliptical spacesaver design features either the front drive series, rear drive series, hybrid series and so forth to really maximise your home space with the least footprint.

Last Word

Elliptical machines are one of the best kinds of home gym equipment to invest in but you need to research the top elliptical trainer brands. The machine's benefits and features are all encompassing and they can be used for maximum workouts. Health is wealth! To enjoy a wonderful state of health, exercise and fitness is simply a must. This is why you need such wonderful fitness equipment as an elliptical trainer.

Additionally, it can be a cheap fitness trainer (depending which model you purchase of course) that would save you a lot of money which could have been spent on gym membership, while still offering you the advantage of working out in the comfort of your home.

If you really want to experience the true value of home training on an elliptical machine, then top of the range Life Fitness Ellipticals are the way to go.

Life Fitness exercise equipment offers some of the best brands of fitness trainers which every fitness trainee and exerciser would love to have. It features a lot of interesting components that makes it one of a kind. This fitness trainer is top notch in quality and also the manufacturer is dedicated to bio-mechanics research in order to improve the ergonomics of the equipment.

This is the ultimate top elliptical trainer brand that offers the most natural stride of all the other brands of the equipment. However this brand is normally well above the reach of many seeking to train at home. If you are in the market for a top end product and looking to spend over $1000, then consider the low end of their range Life Fitness E1 Go Cross-Trainer or the high end Life Fitness Club Series Cross-Trainer for your home gym equipment.

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